CSA Member Agreement

This agreement creates a shared understanding between us, the farmers, and you, the member. 

Your registration confirms you have read, understand and accept the CSA information contained on our website, including but not limited to this CSA Member Agreement. If you have any questions you'd like answered before you join, please e-mail csa@boldlygrownfarm.com!

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Shared Risk, Shared Reward

By joining our CSA, members make a commitment to support our farm throughout the season, sharing in the bounty and the risks of growing food. Though we have the knowledge and experience to mitigate these risks (which include poor harvests due to weather, pests, natural disasters etc.) there are no guarantees in farming (as in life). Rewards include delicious vegetables and a direct link with your farmers and your food system.


We plan our yearly farm production and budget around a set number of shares, and we rely on our CSA members’ financial commitment for the full season. We don't provide refunds for our CSA shares once purchased. If you are unable to continue receiving your share for whatever reason, we ask that you try to find a friend/neighbor/co-worker to take on your share and pay you for the remaining value. That said, we know life can throw you curveballs, and we'll assess refund requests on a case-by-case basis. If you have any issues with your membership, please reach out to us so we can address any problems as soon as they arise. If you have concerns about poor quality or damaged or missing produce, please email us and we'll assess the situation. Please include the date/time you picked up your share, how it was stored, and pictures if possible. We stand by the quality of our produce, and your feedback helps us improve our systems and catch issues early on! In the event that Boldly Grown Farm is unhappy with a member’s participation in our CSA, we reserve the right to cancel membership and refund the remaining balance at our discretion.

Absences/Missed Pick-ups

The share cost can be pro-rated for one delivery date conflict prior to registering. Use the coupon code "MISSONE" and set a vacation hold in your account for the date you'll be gone so we don't pack you a box. Once registered, we don’t offer refunds or credits for absences or missed box pick-ups. If you're unable to make a pick up date, please feel free to send someone else to get your share, and make sure to give them clear instructions regarding pick-up procedures and drop-site etiquette. If no one is able to pick up your share, please go into your account and set a vacation hold for the date you'll miss (or shoot us an e-mail) so we don't pack you a box. Unfortunately, we cannot offer alternate pick-up days as our weekly harvest and delivery schedule is already jam-packed. Unless prior arrangements are made, any boxes left at a drop site after the designated pick up window will be donated or redistributed.​ Please consider the pick-up windows firm.

Box Contents

We aim to provide a diverse and bountiful share of approximately 8-10 items per box. However, due to the variability of farming, we do not guarantee you'll get any specific items or number of items during the course of the season. We send out a newsletter including a detailed product list along with each delivery. We strive to ensure this list is correct, but reserve the right to substitute or change the quantities of any items as needed due to weather, yield or other factors. We aren't able to offer customizations or substitutions for the vegetables or value-added items in your share. If you cannot eat any items due to allergies or other reasons, you may want to consider splitting a share with someone.

Shared Boxes

If you choose to share a box, one person will need to be the primary contact and be responsible for registering and paying for a subscription (two email addresses can be entered into our CSA software so that both box partners receive program updates and newsletters). You are solely responsible for coordinating all payments, pick-ups and box dividing with your box partner. Boldly Grown Farm is not responsible for any missed pick-ups or payments due to the splitting of a share.

Box Pick-up/Drop-site Etiquette

Specific drop-site details will be sent to members prior to the program start-date. It is the responsibility of CSA members to pick up their box during the designated time at the designated drop site. Please consider pick-up times firm and do not show up early or late—businesses may be closed or hosts may have gone to bed. Freshness of the box contents is guaranteed only on the day and time of original pick-up window. We'll provide members with a cell phone to contact in the case of time-sensitive questions. For general issues or questions that are not time-sensitive, please email us or call us during business hours. Thank you for keeping the drop site clean and orderly and being respectful to your site host. They are donating their space and time and are not responsible for any issues with your CSA delivery. We appreciate our members and partners opening up their spaces to support our program!


Boldly Grown Farm sends CSA newsletters and all program-related communication (including payment receipts, important updates on policies, schedules, drop sites, etc.) by email. By joining our CSA, you are agreeing to receive and read email communications from us. It is your responsibility to inform us if you aren't receiving our emails. Please ensure we have your correct email address, and please add csa@boldlygrownfarm.com, sarah@boldlygrownfarm.com, amy@boldlygrownfarm.com and farmigo.boldlygrownfarm@farmigo-csa-hr.appspotmail.comto your contact list to prevent our messages from getting filtered to your spam folder. Boldly Grown Farm is not responsible for miscommunications due to our emails going to your Spam folder or Promotions tab.

Personal Information

Though we may share information with you that we think you might find of interest (events, products, etc.), we don’t share your personal information with third parties. Period!