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Winter 2017-2018 CSA

Boldly Grown Farm specializes in growing fall and winter crops. Our winter CSA is a chance for you to receive a regular supply of high-quality, locally grown, organic veggies during a time of year when local produce tends to be less abundant.

Why CSA?  CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is a model in which members pay up front for a share of the year's harvest and, in return, receive a regular supply of produce throughout the season. CSAs help farmers by guaranteeing a market for their crops and providing cash flow to cover the season's expenses. Members benefit by receiving fresh, healthy, local produce and by becoming attuned to what can be grown seasonally in their region — gaining a greater understanding of where their food comes from, how it's grown, and what it takes to go from seed to plate. 

Dates  Our CSA includes 10 boxes delivered every other Wednesday from late October through February, with a short break for the December/January holidays. Dates this season are:

  • Oct 18

  • Nov 1, 15, 29

  • Dec 13

  • Jan 3, 17, 31

  • Feb 14, 28


What's in the box?  Our winter CSA provides you with staple veggies that are in-season and locally available in Western Washington over the winter months. This includes items like winter squash, carrots, beets, potatoes, onions, garlic, kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, radicchio and more. You’ll usually receive 7-9 different vegetables in each box. All our produce is Certified Organic. See photos and sample boxes at right to get an idea of what to expect. We provide an e-newsletter with each box that includes a list of box contents and recipes.

Swap box  While we don't offer customizations or substitutions, we will offer a swap box at each drop site. The swap box will be stocked with a few extra veggies from the farm, and members may swap out one item for another. While we can't guarantee what will be in there — especially after other members have swapped out items — this will allow for some flexibility if you have a dietary restriction or don't like a certain veggie.


Cost  We offer one share size. We estimate this share works well for 2-3 adults (or a family of four) who like their veggies. If you have a larger household to feed, consider signing up for two shares.

  • Skagit Valley — $395 

  • Seattle — $435

  • $15 discount provided if paying by cash/check/bank transfer


We don't recommend splitting a share between households as many items don't divide up easily. If you decide to split a share, we still require a primary member to sign up and pay, and splitting items is the member's responsibility.


Distribution  We deliver pre-packed boxes to drop sites. There are two pick-up locations:


  • Viva Farms — The Skagit drop site will be at or in the vicinity of Viva Farms (near the Skagit airport).

  • North Seattle — The Seattle drop site is in the Ravenna neighborhood.

  • If you can get at least five members together to join, we can consider making a new drop site in your area. Contact us to discuss this possibility.


Boxes are available Wednesdays 3:00pm-8:30pm. Given our mild winters and focus on storage crops, most items will hold into the next day without significantly affecting quality or shelf life, therefore members can also pick up boxes on Thursdays from 7:00am-8:30pm. However, Wednesday pick-up is preferable and highly encouraged! Unless prior arrangements are made, any boxes left after 8:30pm on Thursday will be eaten or disposed of at the discretion of the drop site host. 


Absences  We don’t offer refunds or credits for missed pick-ups. If you’ll miss a box, you can let a friend or family member pick it up that week, or let us know in advance so we don't pack your box. At our discretion, the membership cost can be pro-rated for pre-planned absences that are communicated to us prior to joining — leave us a note in the application form letting us know which dates you'll be gone.


How to join  Please fill out our online form: Boldly Grown Farm Winter 2017/2018 CSA. Once we receive your form, we'll send you details on how to submit payment.

Payment  Payment for your share is due within two weeks of signing up. We prefer cash, check or bank transfers but will also accept credit cards. If you want to discuss a payment plan, leave us a note in your registration form and we’ll find a way to work it out!

Refunds  Once you are signed up, the CSA is non-refundable, but shares are transferrable if you need to leave the program for any reason.


Questions?  Contact Amy at or 206-795-5715.


Thanks for your support — we look forward to supplying you with lots of tasty veggies this winter!

We've closed our registration form to prepare for our first box. If you're still interested in joining, please contact us!

Join us Sat. Oct 7th at Viva Farms!

Visit Viva Farms' open house from 10am-4pm for pony rides, face painting, food trucks, a beer garden, and more. Click here for more event details!

Sample Box 1

  • 3 # orange carrots

  • 2 # red beets

  • 1 bunch curly kale

  • 1 red kuri squash

  • 1 head broccoli

  • 1 Chioggia radicchio

  • 3 bulbs garlic

  • 4 # russet potatoes

Sample Box 2

  • 2 # yellow carrots

  • 3 # gold beets

  • 1 bunch lacinato kale

  • 2 delicata squash

  • 1 green cabbage

  • 2 # celery root

  • 1 # leeks

  • 4 # fingerling potatoes

We've closed our registration form to prepare for our first box. If you're still interested in joining, please contact us!

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