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Is CSA right for me?

CSA—which stands for Community Supported Agriculture—is just one way you can access authentic, quality food and support local farmers. 

The reality is that CSA is not a good fit for everyone, and you shouldn’t feel bad if it’s not a match for you. The CSA customers who come back year after year are a “certain kind” of customer. Not a “better customer”—just a certain kind—the kind that matches the unique format of a CSA model.


So how do you decide if our CSA would be right for you? It’s best to go into the decision with your eyes wide open and see if your expectations match the experience that a CSA will give you. Reflecting on these six questions will help you decide if it would be a good fit.

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So, what do you think?

Is CSA is a good fit for you?


Remember, CSA is just one model for getting farm-fresh food onto your table. For those who value the story, the journey, and the farmer relationship behind the food, it can be a great option that can change the way you eat forever.

As in all things, expectations determine how you experience the product. To set you up for CSA success, make sure your expectations align with the philosophy of CSA before you commit.

Adapted from Shared Legacy Farms

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